CG History Timeline


Before 1960’s

  • some of the images that were created before the 1960’s were created with a perticular look to them one of the reason’s why these images looked so old fashioned was because of the dated and limited technology. they also had bad resolution and detail.


  • The first video was made called ‘spacewars’ created by Steve Russel it was created for the pdp-1
  • 1st computer generated film was created by Edward Zajac
  • computer space arcade game built by Nolan Bushnell
  • 1st use of CGI in an advert called MAGI for IBM


  • The use of CGI for the first time in the film star war’s IV: a new hope and the use of 2D composistion to show the characters in the background

  • during this era there was also a improve in the animation of facial and hand movements to allow a new degree of realism.


  • CGI was being used for shading more commonely during this era
  • Tron was also created in the early 80#s which was a film almost completly made from CGI and was also the longest CGI film made to that date
  • also in the late 80’s the first full computer generated advert was created called ‘Brilliance’ (sexy robot)


  •  in the 90’s CGI really started to pick up and with CGI being used more commonly in film it set the bar higher for other CGI film director’s
  • CGI was used in Terminator 2 for the robotic pieces and also for the liquid terminator who is the main villian of the film the CGI gave him a liquid look like quicksilver.
  • also ‘Jurassic Park’ created in the 90’s used CGI for the dinosaurs and most importatly the T-rex in the film
  • In the late 90’s the popular animated CGI film ‘toy story’ was created the stunning CGI effects left this as one of the most imporant CGI films ever made
  • Also in the late 90’s the use of CGI in video games had really taken off with consoles like Playstation and the Nintendo 64 games like Mario 64 and Spyro were really showing what a new era of gaming was going to look like.

2000 and the furture

  • The year 2000 and beyond have so far held many milestones for the CGI world with new high graphic films and new state of the art graphics being used in games products such as ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Over the hedge’ film wise and video games like ‘Assassin’s Creed’ and ‘Final Fantasy 13’ it shows that the world of CGI still has some distance to go before it will be mastered

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